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current exhibition

Joe Webb Antares & Love IV at Blackheath Gallery
David Hockney

Spring Exhibition 2014

22nd March - 3rd May10am - 6pm

Comprising a diverse range of acrylic and oil paintings, the Blackheath Gallery Spring Exhibition is not to be missed. Featuring a vibrant selection of acrylic and oil paintings, visitors can enjoy works from the likes of Michael Alford, Tina Mammoser and Michael Bennallack-Hart. The exhibition also features signed limited edition classics from Pablo Picasso, Sir Terry Frost and Andy Warhol. View our exhibition brochure to find out more.

Our Manifesto

I opened the gallery in 1975 mainly to showcase my own work plus that of a small group of artists who's work I admired. Over its 38 years the gallery has gained an impressive reputation for showing work of a very high standard and attracts artists submissions from all over the globe.

Part of our brief is to hold an impressive folio of original prints. Including an eclectic range of work from 20 and 21st Century greats such as Pablo Picasso, Jean Miro, Robert Rauschenberg, Andy Warhol, Gary Hume etc.

James Corless NDD, Gallery Proprietor & Director